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Beschrijving van Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a popular Internet browser in competition with the extremely well-known Internet Explorer.

A particular feature of Mozilla Firefox, and the thing that first drew attention to it, is that you can group several web pages into one single window in the form of tabs. This allows you to save space and easily access each page. You can also access a “history of recently closed tabs” to avoid losing information by mistake, and type ”key words”in the address bar to find websites.

In a similar fashion to Internet Explorer with its "favourites", Mozilla Firefox has a “bookmarks” section to provide you with access to the web pages that you most use.

A DOM inspector and the Mozilla JavaScript console are the two web development tools that come with this application. What’s more, Mozilla Firefox comes with Google Search, which you can change to Wikipedia and many others, including the Mycroft database.

Comfort, speed and safety. This multiplatform web browser includes anti-phishing warnings and protection against spyware. Mozilla Firefox is compatible with the JAVA programming language, but not with the ActiveX system.

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