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Description of Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is an application designed purely and exclusively for the safety of your computer.

Nowadays, attacks on the system from the Web have increased considerably. Malware are better prepared and are capable of outwitting a lot of the existing antivirus.

That is why Kaspersky Anti-Virus has created a system with powerful filters that efficiently detects all infected files entering through the Web.

Some of the malignant files that can be detected are: Trojans, Internet Worms, Spy Programs, Spyware and Viruses (not only the root virus, but its extensions also).

Among other advantages, it has an automatic updating system which allows all users to be up to date in computer protection.

It’s time to start protecting your computer in an effective and simple way, it’s time to try out Kaspersky Anti-Virus