Download AMIP Now Playing Plugin free

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Description of AMIP Now Playing Plugin

AMIP Now Playing Plugin is a lightweight plug-in originally designed for linking AIMP and MSN Messenger. Its operation is simple: it displays on MSN Live Messenger the song you are listening to right next to your nickname.

At present, this plug-in can be used with many messaging services and multimedia players. It is only necessary to extract it on the plug-ins folder of the player you want to run, and then, activate it on the option menu.

To run it, you just have to activate the option “What I’m listening to” on your MSN Messenger. AMIP Now Playing Plugin is a great way to share your favourite music and preferences with your contacts.

Essential requirements for software operation:
- Having AIMP Classic or higher installed on the computer (although it works with other players).
- Having Windows Live Messenger installed on the computer.