Messenger Backup Wizard

How many times you have had your MSN completely customised and suddenly you had to format your computer? It’s a bit painful to do it. The icons, customisations and everything you have obtained for so long will be completely erased.

But if you want to prevent this, with Messenger Backup Wizard you can do so, since this is a tool with which you can make a back-up of all the information stored in your Messenger settings.

The application allows to save everything you have, either: icons, winks, add-ons, contact lists (although these are never deleted), personal settings, and everything that is not included in the basic programme.

Undoubtedly, Messenger Backup Wizard is the perfect tool you need to keep all your MSN Messenger settings and customisations safe.

Software name
Messenger Backup Wizard

Operating Systems

Instant Messaging

Last version
Messenger Backup Wizard 2.2

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128.78 kB

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