Torrent Finder Widget

Torrent Finder Widget Is an application that will allow you to search and download Torrent files easily and efficiently.

On more than one occasion downloaded Torrent files are damaged or end up being what they’re not meant to be. Now, thanks to this tool, it will be possible to carry out searches that are purely and exclusively Torrent files.

The program has a series of powerful filters that will set a strict boundary to file searches, eliminating files that are corrupt or damaged. It also includes a list of websites where it will be possible to download Torrent with no problem at all.

The list of websites mentioned above will be automatically updated, making it possible to enjoy fully-active servers.

If you wish to download Torrent files from safe locations, Torrent Finder Widget is an application worth trying out.

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Torrent Finder Widget

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Peer to peer

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Torrent Finder Widget 1.0

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