kX Project Audio Driver

kX Project Audio Driver is a sound card driver of the EMU10K1 or EMU10K2 type developed by Creative Technology and E-mu Systems. Using this software you can upgrade great part of your sound card’s functions to improve their performance and enhance control.

The package includes the drivers, the installer and an audio mixer to improve hardware’s performance. At the same time, it includes a graphic interface that will help the user to configure the functions of his sound card.

Necessary requirements for Software operation:
- Creative or E-mu sound card (e.g., SoundBlaster Live!, Audigy, E-mu Audio Production Studio).

Last Modifications:
- Audio reproduction and other errors in Windows Vista solved.
-TV tuner problems in Windows XP solved.
- Main channel volume performance in sndvol32.exe for XP and Vista solved.

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kX Project Audio Driver

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kX Project Audio Driver (32 Bits)

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