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Tumblebugs Deluxe

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- Arcade: 3
- Total: 315

Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista

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Description of Tumblebugs Deluxe

Discover in a new way Tumblebugs Deluxe, a game that you are hooked on to from start to finish, and with whom you will spend long hours in front of the computer.

Black Bug Empire had abducted the Tumblebugs, the funny colored bug, which inevitably go to a black hole, and will eventually die. You must not allow this to happen and you can use your infinite potentials, and with the help of SuperBug achieve your mission in Tumblebugs Deluxe.

In order to rescue them from their slavery, you must make the Tumblebugs grouped according to colors. If you can join three or more bugs of the same color, you can remove them, and save them before they hit the fearsome black hole.

You can play even when the game is not connected to the network. Tumblebugs Deluxe has 78 different levels, which increases the difficulty of the game, but always with a high quality three-dimensional graphics.

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