Ares Galaxy

Ares Galaxy is a file exchange client with which you can download all the contents you wish (videos, songs, software, etc) in a fast and efficient way.

The operation of the programme ensures a great transfer speed because the transfers have as an origin multiple and different locations (as many as connected users who have the desired material). Besides, the lack of connection is not a problem during the downloads because they can be stopped and resumed in the moment you wish.

Among the advantages Ares Galaxy offers you is the possibility to open several search windows at the same time, the capacity to previsualize multimedia contents (though they are not completely downloaded) and the incorporation of a reproducer for you to enjoy your films and music within the same environment.

Besides, its platform includes chat rooms in which you can get into contact with persons who share your same interests and an instant messaging system to allow the users to chat among them.

If you desire the most powerful files download programme, you already have Ares Galaxyat your disposal.

Software name
Ares Galaxy

Operating Systems

Peer to peer

Last version
Ares Galaxy 2.4.5

Last updated

Type of license
Free (GPL)

File size
4.75 MB

Checked against Virus