Zuma Deluxe

If you enjoy with the excellent “Popcat” videogames, you already have within your reach Zuma Deluxe, a title in which your objective is to match trios of balls of the same colour.

Zuma Deluxe is set in the Aztec world. The protagonist of the game is a stone frog which occupies the central part of the screen and which launches marbles through its mouth. The same are directed to a streamer constituted by balls of different colours which moves at random.

So, you will have to shoot spheres in such a way that they can form a group with at least other two of the same colour and disappear. But you must be careful: the wriggling row goes towards a black hole which means the end of you, so you must prevent it from finishing its travel at all events. The difficulty of the game depends on the speed the streamer acquires.

Download now the addictive Zuma Deluxe and try to overcome the challenges offered by its 60 levels.

Limits of the Demo Version:

- You will only be able to use it during a limited time.

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Zuma Deluxe

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