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Age of Empires III

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- Strategy: 2
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Windows 2000,Windows XP

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Description of Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III is the new version of one of the best known and most popular videogames of all times. Developed by Ensemble Studios and distributed by Microsoft, this RTS allows you to enjoy individually or in online mode with users of any place in the world.

The plot of this new update of Age of Empires is set in the context of the discovery and subsequent conquest of America. As regards the innovations, Age of Empires III offers you new technologies for fighting and working because time has passed and there is a greater specialization of troops.

As regards the multiplayer option, two modes have been included: “Supremacy” and “To Death”. The matches can be organized through a local network or by means of an Internet connection.

Finally, the graphic appearance does not disappoint the user and it achieves the perfect equilibrium between the classic appearance of the saga and the new models of characters and buildings.

Download Age of Empires III and immerse in one of the best epic adventures in real time.

Limits of the Demo Version:

- You will be only able to play the first levels.

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