Age Of Empires II Gold Edition

Age Of Empires II Gold Edition is a package which includes the well known strategy game Age Of Empires II and an additional extension, “The Conquerors Expansion” which incorporates new civilizations and campaigns.

If you do not know Age Of Empires II Gold Edition, it is a god game in which the players must make their towns flourish and to form armies to defeat their enemies. To do it, you must collect resources and produce technologic improvements through the most important periods of the Middle Ages.

Age Of Empires II Gold Edition has two playing modalities: open and in sceneries. Besides, it gives you the chance to enjoy the match by yourself or with your friends, in its multiplayer mode.

If you want to spend amusing moments thinking of new attack and defense strategies with this application you will obtain what you wish and much more.

Limits of the Demo Version:

- You will only be able to play the first levels.

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Age Of Empires II Gold Edition

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Age Of Empires II Gold Edition 1.0

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