Open Office in Spanish (Complete)

Open Office en Español (Completo) is a package of office tools that includes a set of very useful applications for the home and the office. Among them it is possible to find from a text processor up to a spreadsheet manager.

Open Office en Español (Completo) contains other utilities that you should try: Impress (a program for multimedia presentations), Base (database manager with which you will be able to create reports and forms), Math (mathematical formula editor) and Draw (a tool for the design of vector graphs).

This group of programs has its own format for the distribution of its documents; nevertheless, it is compatible with the Office "suite" by Microsoft. That is to say that it is possible to open, to visualize, to edit, to print and even to save files of Word, Excel and other applications of Microsoft.

Open Office en Español (Completo) is updated automatically. Also, since it is a program of open code, you will be able to collaborate and include innovations to the application.

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Open Office in Spanish (Complete)

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Open Office in Spanish (Complete) 4.0.1

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