QuickTime Player + iTunes

QuickTime Player + iTunes are two sensational programs that have united into one to simplify and entertain your daily routine when it comes to surfing the Internet.

This revolutionary product that has arrived now lets you enjoy all the music that has iTunes, with all its infinite radio channels where you can hear the greatest numbers from any corner of the planet, while it also has QuickTime Player which, in automatic mode, is built into your browser, so you can enjoy during your surfing of all QuickTime files that you find without having a specific player. It's easy and convenient! As you see!

Do not forget, QuickTime Player + iTunes are now together to give you all kinds of possibilities, but because of the excellent use that gives these explosive mixture, the bandwidth consumption is high, and will need
at least a Pentium II
  • * for all those large files.

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QuickTime Player + iTunes

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QuickTime Player + iTunes 10

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71.37 MB

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