Have you had problems to reproduce any of your videos? Does your usual reproducer inform you that it cannot read a multimedia content because it does not recognize it? Do not get into despair, now you have AVIcodec to understand what happens.

This great tool provides you the information about the necessary codecs to reproduce films. These components are the “interpreters” which make the visualization of files possible. So, if any of them is missing, you will not be able to enjoy certain audiovisual materials.

For that reason, AVIcodec organizes in a list the codecs installed in your equipment, whatever version they are. Besides, it highlights within the list the ones which are essential for certain types of files.

Though the programme has not the option to download the elements you need, it is capable of indicating you the different sources in Internet from which you can obtain them which avoids the annoying process of the manual search.

Avoid the possible frustration of not being able to visualize what interests you. Download AVIcodec and leave these problems in the past.

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