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Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista

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Description of BodyPaint 3D

BodyPaint 3D is a program you can use to create textures for 3D models. This is done by painting directly on to the models in real time.
BodyPaint 3D is based on RAYBRUSH technology, which is used to add multiple effects regarding colour, transparency, roughness, brightness and diffusion, to a textured image.

You will be surprised by the multitude of details that you can achieve with BodyPaint 3D when drawing a face: you can add spots, wrinkles, scars, hair and beauty spots to add more realism. For greater ease of use, BodyPaint 3D is compatible with Photoshop plugins.

In the Multibrush mode you can paint using different textures and multiple layers in order to easily achieve the torn fabric effect, blue veins and corrosion. BodyPaint 3D’s Multiview mode allows you to paint directly on to the 3D mesh and to immediately see the changes on the plane.

You can personalise BodyPaint 3D to your taste by adjusting the different tools, palettes and keyboard shortcuts, and you can even create your own brushes.

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