Earth Explorer

Earth Explorer is the application that lets you move anywhere the world, in just a few seconds. It brings to you three-dimensional images from every corner of the planet, with excellent accuracy and image quality (thanks to using the DEM system).

With Earth Explorer you can visit thousands of sites without leaving home. In addition, know interesting data that the program includes related to politics, history and geography of each area: rivers, mountain ranges, geographical boundaries, islands, longitude and latitude, earthquakes, etc.

Earth Explorer has many options, so that you can enjoy its use. Among them is one that lets you calculate the exact distance between any two points on Earth. You also will have a compass at your disposal, and a specific path, to make journeys at night.

Keep in mind, that for some functions, Earth Explorer will ask you to be connected to net. You can print what interests you most, and above all, make the most of each of your journeys.

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Earth Explorer

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Earth Explorer 6.1

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