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Windows 2000,Windows ME,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7

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Description of eMule pHoeniX

eMule pHoeniX is an eMule that includes certain improvements with regards to eMules’ original client. Its most important improvement is that it allows you to connect simultaneously to the Kademlia and the ed2k networks, increasing download speeds considerably.

eMule pHoeniX introduces new icons and images, and corrects errors that appear during a search by updating the protocol between the client and the server.

Among some of the novelties that come with eMule Phoenix is the possibility of seeing the flag of the country the user is from, as well as an innovative menu design.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of eMule Phoenix, you should install the original eMule.

If your problem is the lack of speed, you can now increase your download speed** with the help of eMule pHoeniX.

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