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Peer to peer

Description of Ares Lite Edition

Ares is a file-sharing application that is based on the P2P philosophy. You can use it to share all types of files, such as videos, music, software, programs, etc.

Ares Lite Edition is a version of Ares that allows you to perform all the functions but consuming less CPU. So it is a suitable option if your computer is slow or you have got an old operating system.

Ares Lite Edition offers the same features as the previous version. You can download files from different sources to make downloading quicker, you can pause and renew downloads, and order your files.

Ares Lite Edition has a search capacity, a chat, an audio and video player and a user interface that is very easy to use.

With Ares Lite Edition you are safe in the knowledge that it will not install any spyware.