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Windows 98 SE,Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows ME

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Description of MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger is the best known and more famous instant messaging programme. Install it to chat simultaneously and in real time with any person without taking into account the distance.

Apart of the main function (sending instant messages) you will also find some extra communication options, such as the possibility to transmit audio recordings or to hold videoconferences with your friends or colleagues.

Besides, with MSN Messenger you will be able to transfer documents, photos, songs and all kinds of files. It also includes online games and a great variety of emoticons so that you can express your emotions in a very amusing way.

As regards its interface, it is enough to say that this application can be easily personalized and that it will give you the option to select different text sources, windows backgrounds and skins to apply to the whole programme.

Talk with whoever you wish. MSN Messenger is the ideal way to do it.

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