LimeWire is a P2P client with which you will be able to exchange files of a great size in a simple and fast way using the Gnutella network.

LimeWire has a great speed in the downloading process, because it is capable of downloading in a simultaneous way files of different users.

This programme offers you many benefits when downloading files from internet because this tool allows you, for instance, to search several files at the same time, to read the descriptions of each of them and in the case your download is interrupted (for any reason), to resume it in an automatic way.

Finally, it must be pointed out that LimeWire has a practical and simple interface, which can be completely personalized using several skins.

To download films, images, software, games and MP3 files very easily and from an only place; this is the objective of this practical application.

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Peer to peer

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LimeWire 5.5.16

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