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Description of iTunes

iTunes is the MP3 reproducer created by Apple, with which you can record your own CDs, to share songs using the iTunes library, to transfer data from a music CD to your computer, to download multimedia content from the AppStore service and to listen to your favourite music in any place.

One of the main functions of iTunes is to synchronize the music of the library with your iPod or iPhone. Besides, it is possible to have access via internet to any radio station.

Besides, with this programme, it is possible to create intelligent reproduction lists, to organize them as you wish and to update them in an automatic way and to visualize video files. With the visualization plug-ins system and the devices it supports, the music being reproduced will be accompanied by visual effects.

iTunes presents a very simple interface which can be reduced to the maximum so that it does not obstruct the other windows with which you are working.

In a few words, this is complete and functional software to enjoy your music collection as you always desired.

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