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Windows XP

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Description of BearShare

BearShare is a peer-to-peer client that lets you share your music, audio and video files with other users on the Internet.
BearShare gives you fast downloads, using several sources at the same time, and is easy to use.

MP3, AVI, JPG, MPEG, GIF, ZIP are among the many formats of the files that you can share, using the famous decentralised Gnutella network. With BearShare you can do simultaneous searches, reactivate interrupted downloads and update your shared file folders.

BearShare lets you preview files that you are downloading to check that they are what you are really looking for. You can join the forum, chat in real-time and participate in improving the program since it is an open code application.

The application is free and compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP, but users are warned that it contains the adware, SaveNow.

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