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Description of AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Anti-Virus Free is a powerful antivirus which protects your PC by means of the detection and elimination of all kind of informatics threatens.

This application has advanced scanning engines and malicious software identification which will keep your computer in perfect conditions.

Besides, you have the possibility to initiate and stop the analysis as you wish and according to your convenience. You even have the capacity to choose the folders you want to analyze and to determine beforehand the precise moment (the exact date and time) in which the disk monitoring will take place.

Besides, AVG Anti-Virus Free is constantly updated in an automatic way so that you always have the most innovative and reliable tools in your system.

With the “AVG Email Scanner” function, your e-mail messages will be free of viruses and the residing monitor will provide you maximum protection in real time. After all which has been said, what are you waiting for to download AVG Anti-Virus Free?

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