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Description of µTorrent

µTorrent is a client that uses the BitTorrent network to share all kinds of information and files between all the users who possess a program of this kind. With it you will be able to exchange torrent files, in the fastest and most effective way.

It is a P2P program that, as it uses few system resources, the computer works without any type of disadvantages as the transferences are carried out in a very agile way, without obstructing the system.

µTorrentallows you to perform multiple downloads simultaneously, resume those that have been interrupted and to choose the band that you prefer.

Finally, by accessing the “Help” menu, you will find a very particular and entertaining curiosity: a smallTetris that is activated byclicking on the letter "T" of the phrase that appears in the section: "About µTorrent”.

You should try this amazing tool!

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