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Windows XP

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Description of Messenger Plus! Live

Messenger Plus! Live is a plug-in that updates and improves Microsoft MSN Messenger’s instant message client functions.

Compatible with Windows Live Messenger, Messenger Plus! Live adds practical options to make this application the most convenient, practical and fun way to chat with your friends.

With Messenger Plus! Live you can open numerous conversations at the same time using different mail accounts from one computer. And what’s more, it’s very easy for you to organise all your conversations in one window using tabs.

Messenger Plus! Live comes with all these possibilities:

  • Access your contacts directly through the Windows desktop.
  • Create and share new sounds that will liven up your chats.
  • Write your own messages to show your current status.
  • Automate your messages, saving time in your answers.
  • Manage your contacts to separate your new contacts from the once you want to delete. * Control new events.
  • Have access to perfect anti-boss security.

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