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Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows ME,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7

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Description of Messenger

Messenger is one of the most popular instant messages systems with which you will be able to speak in real time with your friends without taking into account the distance.

The best of it all is that not only it will give you the possibility to communicate by text messages but Messenger also incorporates a system to establish voice conversations between two users. Another interesting option is to establish video conferences.

Apart from that, this programme has a variety of complements and additions so as to extend its functions and to compete with the most famous utilities. Among the available additions, it is worth mentioning the text translator which is ideal to speak with persons who do not speak the natural language of the user.

The interface of Messenger is one of the many spaces which allows to be personalized with the use of skins. This change in the appearance also includes the chat windows.

Enjoy this interesting programme and keep in contact with all your friends.

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